Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our virtual event platform and our event management process.

After booking your event, you will receive a custom Eventbrite link, which can be posted and shared with event attendees.

At this time, your event can be booked whenever its best for you, and Vsummits can provide a great service at short notice. Turnaround services vary depending on resources needed and time given to plan your event.

Vsummits offers a virtual lobby, much like a real event. The Vsummit lobby offers 8 different floors, with assigned tables. Participants can use our chat function to communicate one-on-one, within the table they are at currently, and our general chat with all attendees.

Vsummits also gives users the option to build their profile and have it displayed as a virtual business card. These business cards can be linked to the attendee’s website and participants’ social channels, such as LinkedIn.

Yes. Vsummits can record events.

No software is needed. Vsummits can be directly accessed on your web browser. You will receive an Eventbrite email containing the link to access the event.