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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I demo the product

Yes. Contact us for a free demo or attend one of our networking events.

How is this different than using zoom?

We offer an augmented event’s experience that is much different than a virtual conference call. We can accommodate a large number of attendees from all over the world. Our platform enables networking in real-time just by joining tables. You can add sponsorship logos, swag, commercials, YouTube videos, a sponsorship booth, and more. Just like at an in-person venue! You are ensuring a live networking experience at Vsummits.

Will Staff be at the next event?

Yes. Throughout the planning process and during the event you will have an event coordinator present to ensure that things go smoothly

What kind of events can I plan at vSummits?

Vsummits stands for Virtual Summits and we live up to that name as we aim to deliver genuine connections amongst our customers. We bring Speed Networking to whole other level! Whether Its 1-on-1 or 5-on-1 conversations, just like an in person event you can share that engagement from your home/office.

Virtual Office/Summits/Town-halls
Internal retreats never been easier with Vsummits. We offer connection for your workforce events anytime, anywhere in the world.

Get up and running in 15 seconds or less, no downloads or software required

Build engagement with integrated voting during real-time events